5 Ways the Fishing Game Has Evolved

5 Way Fishing Has Evolved

5 Ways the Fishing Game Has Evolved Since You Last Gave it a Go

Fishing has come a long way over the years, and there are several ways that the fishing game has improved to make it appeal to a wider audience. Tools Many tools are available to assist you with fishing, and thanks to these tools you will no longer need to get as dirty and smelly as you used to. There are Lip Grips and Fish Grips help to secure the fish; specialised line cutters; hook removers and the list goes on all making fishing that little bit easier and ensuring the experience is without the mess or fuss of yester year. What we firmly believe here at Lure and Bait it works equally as well for kids who may get nervous when they think about having to hold or touch the fish. Lures Lures themselves have been around for many years and been on our shores since the 50’s however the progress that has been over the past few years has been exponential.  There are many arguments going on, even right now I am sure, about lures vs bait but you cannot deny the success of lures and the huge bonuses for family fishing like cleanliness, do not need to re-attach every time you cast, easy to store, the list goes on. There are many pluses for the bait however the point here is that the use of lures opens fishing up to the much wider audience and you should check out the lure range today as there is another argument that the luring is actually of the angler! They get us every time. Nets Nets have always been around and serve many purposes however they are usually long and bulky and difficult to store and keep within reach when you really need it. telescopic rod will also make a good accompaniment to these kits if not already included, and they do not take up much room and can be taken with you anywhere. Gadgets Gadgets and gizmos are abundant for fishers these days as well. Fish bite alarms allow you the convenience and flexibility of not having to hold the fishing rod, and you will not miss a bite. Submersible LED lights will help attract the fish to the bait. Phones are also useful to have so you can get relevant and up to date information about the local area, the tides, and useful fish identification. The camera on the phone can also be used to create memories and show off your catch of the day, oh how the times have changed from trying to dig out the old film camera from the waterproof storage area of the boat that only worked 60% of the time, you couldn’t take 10 shots to ensure you had everything right, then wait days before you could show anyone!