Creative Ways For Your Children To Enjoy The Outdoors

Creative Ways For Your Children To Enjoy The Outdoors
Children today often spend too much time in front of the television. Have you been searching for ways for your children to become active? If so, consider these creative ways for your children to enjoy the outdoors.
Go on an Bush Walk
A bush walk is a great way for children to gain an appreciation for the natural environment. Bush walks challenge children to use all of their senses while exploring everything the great outdoors has to offer.
Build an Obstacle Course
Setting up a small obstacle course is can be easy to do, and can keep your children active and entertained for hours. Obstacle courses can be set up in a backyard or park. Consider using simple things like cardboard boxes, old tyres, buckets, chairs, and rope. Obstacle courses can be very purposeful, teaching children concepts like decision-making and team-building.
Design a Treasure Hunt
Similar to an obstacle course, a treasure hunt can be created anywhere outdoors. You can easily create a treasure map and provide some clues for your children. This will challenge them to use their imagination and cognitive learning skills. To add a team-building dynamic, consider giving each child one clue, making the children work together to find the treasure.
Plant a Garden
A garden is a great way for your children to learn lessons in patience, dedication. Gardens can be easy and cheap to create you don’t need much more than a basic planter pot and sunlight.
Build a Homemade Tent
Children can create their own space outdoors by using old sheets, clothes peg and a rope. Follow the design of a normal Tent instead a rope can be run between two poles or two trees, with the sheets draped over the rope. The sheets can then be secured with the pegs or rocks. This works well as it gives children a private space that encourages children to go outside. Stuck for gift ideas for your kids, take a look at what we have on offer! We hope this inspires you to take some time with your children outdoors and have some fun.