Hook Removal 101

Hook Removal 101

You have been out fishing all day and have finally hooked that fish you have been hoping for, you have reeled it in, and it is safely in the confines of the net. But, now what? Yes, you are going to have to touch and handle that fish, or all that work was for nothing. The following are just a few easy tips that will help you with Fishing Hook Removal or to get over your fear of handling slimy fish and will even help keep you from dropping and losing your catch of the day.

Bring Tools

When you fish, you are fishing with a hook, and it is important that you remove that hook after the fish is caught. To do this, it is best to have a pair of hook removers, pliers or even wire cutters so that you can easily and safely remove the hook. A pair of gloves or fish lip grips or fish grips will also make handling the slimy and slippery fish a lot easier too and seriously reduce the risk of the fish slipping through your fingers.

Grab, Grab, Grab

If you are ready to grab the fish and pick it up, then do it! Do not hesitate and do not fumble or you could lose the fish; this is where the fish grips or gloves can come in handy again to help provide you with a better grip so that you can remove the hook. If you can’t do it, then you might as well throw the fish back in the water.

Keep Fingers Out of the Mouth

It is never a good idea to put your fingers in the mouth of a fish when you are trying to remove the hook. Some fish actually have teeth, and yes, you can get bit. Do not use your fingers, instead use your tool of choice to hold onto the fish, grab the hook removers or pliers and remove the hook while keeping your fingers safely out of the way.

Keep the Approach Fresh

Change of approach. If you do find you are consistently having issues change the approach, for example, using longshank hooks or bigger hooks if they are swallowing too far, or squash the barbs on the hook with a pair of pliers if you struggle with feeding the hook back through the mouth. The general rule for Fishing Hook Removal is if it’s harder for you then it’s harder for the fish so keep refining and life will be better for all involved.

Fishing Hook Removal may have seemed like a big challenge before and something you weren’t sure you could handle; but if you follow these simple tips and have the right equipment, then you will quickly see how easy it is so you can move on and fish even more.