Keeping kids Interested

Keeping Kids Interested
Keeping kids Interested – Here are few tips that we have found that works for us. Casting practice– Our swimbaits are excellent for practicing casting, take the treble hooks off and the kids can spend hours practicing casting (even in the swimming pool). They especially love the fact it looks like areal fish in the water.  Hand Reels are a great way to start young kids fishing as there as there are no complications i.e. there are no rods, no reels and no bail arms to worry about. When the fish bite the kids really get excited feeling bite in their hands directly connected to the fish. Nets are endless fun for kids, hours of entertainment trying to catch bait fish, prawns or anything else of interest. It is fun for adults to watch kids to trying out their stealth moves! Alarms or bells give Mums and Dads time to play with the kids whilst fishing, why not enjoy the time building sandcastles or playing games your child enjoys. Alarms are a real game changer; look out for our upcoming blog about this type of fishing to give you more information. There are always some little creatures by the sides of the water to talk to your kids about i.e. crabs, shells, bird life, sand holes etc Be prepared – have plenty of snacks and water, sunscreen, bug repellent, sunglasses and a few tricks up your sleeve if they begin to get restless. It will make the day go better for all of you! Most importantly be prepared to have fun, even if you aren’t successful. Fishing is one of those activities where there may be no prize if you don’t catch anything. But make it fun for your kids and the outing is likely to be more successful! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with our latest news and specials.