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Lure Fishing – Soft Plastics 101

Soft Plastic Lure Super Long Tail

When thinking about Lure Fishing then consider giving Soft Plastics a go. Soft plastic bait has certainly advanced over the years, and there are many advantages over traditional hard bodied lures. Soft plastics better resemble live bait and real food for the fish. This means when the fish bite it feels more natural and will […]

Keeping kids Interested

Keeping Kids Interested

Keeping kids Interested – Here are few tips that we have found that works for us. Casting practice– Our swimbaits are excellent for practicing casting, take the treble hooks off and the kids can spend hours practicing casting (even in the swimming pool). They especially love the fact it looks like areal fish in the […]

Health Benefits of Fishing

Health Benefits of fishing

Health Benefits of Fishing Fishing is not just a fun sport or hobby anymore; it can also greatly benefit your health in a very positive way. Fishing is typically done for sport and relaxation. It awards you the opportunity to take a break from life. However, you should rethink waiting for your next vacation to […]

5 Ways the Fishing Game Has Evolved

5 Way Fishing Has Evolved

5 Ways the Fishing Game Has Evolved Since You Last Gave it a Go Fishing has come a long way over the years, and there are several ways that the fishing game has improved to make it appeal to a wider audience. Tools Many tools are available to assist you with fishing, and thanks to […]