Welcome to Lure and Bait

Welcome to Lure and Bait

Welcome to Lure and Bait!

Our aim is to assist in bringing fishing back to families. We want everyone to enjoy this sport and or lifestyle as we have been lucky enough to be exposed too. Our family is passionate about fishing and the many benefits that come with it; the relaxation, the excitement, the challenge, the memories shared, the fresh air and getting into nature. There are very few activities these days that meet all these criteria.

At Lure and Bait we are all about families and getting out enjoying the outdoors. Kids these days spend way too long in front of electronic devices/television. We are keen to help get the kids outside to enjoy fishing and the great outdoors; as much as we did growing up.

One of the many reasons we chose to set up this store to help families find the things they really need to start fishing without being overwhelmed by the millions of brands ever changing terminology so we are getting back to basics.

Lure and Bait Products

We always look to stock Australian made products and where the opportunity arises look to manufacture in Australia.  Having said that there is a huge market out there with millions of people and billions of dollars in research. As a result we are consistently scanning the global market; so please check in every once in a while to check out the latest products. Here at Lure and Bait we always try to test our products before selling. You would not believe the amount of products we thought would be great but don’t meet the standard for Australian conditions and fighting fish.

You will not see many of the big brand names as we are about providing a more realistic alternative to the prices of today. We often feel the industry is being taken away from being a nice and cheap family activity to a serious sport where considerable and consistent investment is required. We are always about the fun in fishing and not requiring an additional mortgage for each lost lure.

It is also important for us to highlight that we are not trying to be a replacement to your local tackle store.  We know tackle stores are critical to our industry. We want to work together with them to keep this wonderful sport/lifestyle available to all in this wonderful country; so we encourage you to frequently head into your local tackle store. We are always in our local stores looking for the latest and greatest along with discussing conditions, techniques etc.

Thanks for visiting us and we sincerely hope we can get either you and or your family into fishing and enjoy it as much as we do.

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